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We aim to help both children and adults integrate into New Zealand Society. To help them in this, several workshops are organised throughout the year. One of the main highlights was parents being able to earn their First Aid Certificates through a course organised via Poonga with A1 First Aid. The Ministry of Education Co-ordinator for playgroups, Sue Heathwaite, regularly comes in to interact with parents. Sue runs workshops at the playgroup, to show parents how they can better educate their preschoolers.

Peace foundation workshop

Peace foundation Image1.jpg
Peace foundation Image2.jpg
Peace foundation Image3.jpg

Healthy Eathing workshop

Healthy Eating 3.jpg
Healthy Eating 2.jpg
Healthy Eating 1.jpg
Healthy Eating 4.jpg

Parenting Pyramid Workshop

We facilitate parents to participate in parenting pyramid programs.

parenting Pyramid.jpg

Flouring Life Workshop ( வளமான வாழ்வு )


Healthy Eating Workshop

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